28 Years as a Prosecutor & Judge
Fighting for Reform

Statement of Timothy J. McGinty Appointed Temporary County Prosecutor

In the past 55 years, Cuyahoga County has had three dedicated county prosecutors – John T. Corrigan, Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Bill Mason.

Like those who served before me – including hundreds of assistant prosecuting attorneys – they have been on the front lines prosecuting and trying all of the murderers, organized criminals and violent offenders this town has experienced.

If elected, it will be my honor to continue the office’s tradition of fighting for justice.

All good companies and organizations continually search to improve their operations. So too, will we – constantly looking to make our office and our county’s criminal-justice system more efficient, effective and fair.

We will establish a culture of transparency and accountability. In doing so, I intend to create a performance-measured system that works toward specific objectives and reports our progress – just as would be expected of a public corporation.

My long-term goal is to thereby significantly improve public confidence.

Once achieved, there are no limits for Cleveland. The exodus of families and businesses can end, and the opportunity for an economic revival of this great city can be realized.

My initial plan is to carefully assess the organization with the help and advice of a volunteer transition team – a group who has expertise in a variety of fields, and will report its findings and recommendations in November.

I will also seek ideas and input from the public, the academic community and the corporate sector.

If I am fortunate enough to be appointed by the Democratic Party and elected by the voters in November, I will use that document and the reform plan outlined on my website to guide the transition, recruit the finest talent for my leadership team, and implement the reform plan outlined during my campaign.

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FitzGerald to Appoint Judge Tim McGinty as Acting Prosecutor

CLEVELAND - Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald announced today that he would be choosing former Judge - and Democratic nominee for Prosecutor - Tim McGinty as the acting Prosecutor to begin upon the resignation of Bill Mason.

Ohio Revised Code section 305.02(f) provides that the County Commissioners - or in this case, the County Executive - shall appoint an acting prosecutor for the period lasting until the party central committee can meet and choose a successor. The party can hold a meeting no less than 5 nor more than 45 days from the date of the resignation of the officeholder.

"I am pleased to appoint Judge Tim McGinty to serve as Acting Prosecutor, effective upon the date of Bill Mason's resignation,” said FitzGerald. “I look forward to working together with Judge McGinty to continue to reform and move Cuyahoga County forward."

Judge Tim McGinty said, “I am honored by the appointment of County Executive Fitzgerald and look forward to working with him to make Cuyahoga County an even better and safer place to live and work.”

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March 6, 2012 Democratic Primary
County Prosecutor Official Results

Candidate Total Percent Election Day Absentee Provisional Remakes Military Overseas
Subodh Chandra 20,269 17.03 12,908 6,906 389 6 60
Stephanie N. Hall 24,539 20.62 14,245 9,641 580 5 68
James J. McDonnell 15,589 13.10 8,582 6,662 281 8 56
Timothy J. McGinty 41,540 34.91 17,161 23,680 562 6 131
Robert J. Triozzi 17,061 14.34 8,796 7,924 269 7 65
Total 118,998   61,692 54,813      
TJM Election Day Percentage 27.8%          
TJM Absentee Percentage 43.2%          

I announced my intention to seek the Office of Cuyahoga County Prosecutor just four short months ago. With five qualified candidates declared for this race, I knew we would have to work smarter and more efficiently to reach the voters with my plan to reform our judicial system. Thank you doesn’t begin to express my gratitude for your support and hard work on my behalf. All of your efforts mean a great deal to me, talking to your friends and family about the campaign, standing at a poll, attending a Democratic ward club meeting, putting up yard signs and your financial contributions.

The generous support I received allowed us to implement the comprehensive campaign strategy we developed in the early days. We were the only prosecutorial campaign to mail absentee ballot applications to 88,000 individual absentee voters, a service the Board of Elections used to provide but was restricted from doing so by the Secretary of State. The results election night proved the importance of this expenditure; I received the majority of the absentee votes. We were also the first campaign to bring our message to TV with commercials on all of the major stations. Another winning strategy; I secured 35 percent of the vote while my nearest opponent received 21 percent. All of our efforts worked towards our ultimate victory in this election, from raising money to attending every Democratic ward club in Cuyahoga County from Olmsted Township to Euclid.

As I said on election night, despite GOP-style attacks by one of my opponents, we maintained the course we set in November. As the Democratic nominee, I promise to fulfill the commitments I’ve made throughout this campaign: restore public confidence in the integrity of the criminal justice system through reform and accountability. With your continued support, we will transform the culture in our criminal justice system from one of mediocre performance where unnecessary crimes occur, to one that boasts an open, transparent and business-like system of continuous improvement—all measured for accountability and reported back to the citizens of Cuyahoga County.

All of you helped contribute to our victory, thank you again.

If elected in November, it will truly be an honor to serve Cuyahoga County as your Prosecutor this January.


Timothy J. McGinty

Fellow Cuyahoga County Democrats:

I am respectfully seeking your support to become your next Cuyahoga County Prosecutor. I have resigned my position as a judge of the Court of Common Pleas in order to be eligible to serve. I am confident that my background, history, education and character, along with my proven record of public service, make me uniquely qualified to serve in this position.

The speech made by President John F. Kennedy at his inauguration, when he challenged America’s citizens to devote their lives to serving their country, was a powerful moment for me and many others. Some citizens chose to become teachers and soldiers, while others chose to become police officers and firefighters. I chose to pursue a career in public service as a Cuyahoga County Probation Officer, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney and Common Pleas Court Judge. My lifetime of service in law and commitment to justice in Cuyahoga County has uniquely prepared me for this next step: becoming your next Cuyahoga County Prosecutor.

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Tim McGinty Wins Democratic Primary!

On Tues. March 6th, Tim McGinty clinched the Democratic nomination for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor by securing 35% of the vote, with his next closest opponent at 20%. Click here to read an article on the race in the Plain Dealer.

McGinty to Donate Bulk of Salary

Though he would be eligible to double-dip as Prosecutor, Tim McGinty will instead donate the majority of his paycheck to fund scholarships for economically disadvantaged students. Click here to read the article.

Call and Post Endorses McGinty

The McGinty Campaign is thrilled to announce that The Call and Post--voted one of the top African American newspapers, and winner of several NNPA Awards over the past 10 years--has officially endorsed Tim's candidacy. Click here to read the endorsement.

Cimperman Endorses McGinty

The McGinty Campaign is honored to announce that Tim McGinty has won the endorsement of Councilman, Joe Cimperman. We thank him both for his endorsement, as well as for all his hard work and leadership in Cleveland.

Display a McGinty Yard Sign on Your Lawn

Register to receive a McGinty for Prosecutor Yard SignShow your support for Tim's candidacy by displaying a McGinty for Prosecutor Yard Sign on your lawn. Click here to volunteer to display a sign.

McGinty Receives New Endorsements

Tim McGinty is grateful to receive new endorsements from Cleveland City Councilmen TJ Dow, Kevin Conwell, and Jeff Johnson, as well as the Northern Ohio Fire Fighters and Cleveland Heights Fraternal Order of Police.

Tim McGinty Hits the Airwaves

Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association officially endorse Tim McGinty for ProsecutorTim McGinty for County Prosecutor Campaign Hits the Airwaves with First TV Buy in Prosecutor’s Race. Click here to view the spot.

McGinty Endorsed by CPPA

Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association officially endorse Tim McGinty for ProsecutorThe Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association has officially endorsed Timothy J. McGinty for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor.

Meet Tim McGinty

Meet Tim McGinty. Click here to read more about Tim McGinty and why you should vote for him to become the next Cuyahoga County Prosecutor.

McGinty Announces Candidacy

Tim McGinty formally announced his intent to run for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor on Nov. 1st at the Police & Fire Memorial on Rocky River Drive. Click here to read the press release.

More Endorsements for McGinty

Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association officially endorse Tim McGinty for ProsecutorTim is grateful for the endorsements of Cleveland City Councilmen Martin Keane, Jay Westbrook, and Matt Zone.

Tim McGinty Wins Democratic Primary!

On Tues. March 6th, Tim McGinty clinched the Democratic nomination for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor by securing 35% of the vote, with his next closest opponent securing 20%. Click here to read an article on the race in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

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