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Choosing the type of law to practice can be challenging and overwhelming. Law is a field which is wide, and under its shade, there are many areas to practice. I know that many law students find it hard in narrowing down their options to the best one which will satisfy and support them financially for life. If you have been struggling with this riddle, you do not need to worry. However, it is crucial to note that the answer to this riddle is not like having multiple choices of the right or the wrong field. It is complex, and you need to consider many factors.

Here are some tips which will help you reach a good decision

Think long-range

This decision cannot be made overnight. You need to carefully think about it. Do not rush into making a quick decision. It can take you months to be certain, after all, you are taught to be flexible in law school so if one option fails you can change to another one.


Establish the amount of time you need to explore this question. Since this is a decision most people make as they join law school, there are many semesters ahead of you, so you do not need to panic.

Consult practicing lawyers

Talking to people already in the field gives you much insight. Come up with the list of your options and reach lawyers in those fields for advice. There are lawyers you know, or you could look for them on the web and reach them through emails.

Consult your professors

Your professors are resources that are available to you in a law school. Talk to them about the fields you are interested in and let them advise you.

Listen to yourself

To be considered here is what you enjoy or dislike. Consider issues like whether you enjoy working alone or as a group, whether you like writing appeals or oral advocacy, or whether you enjoy working with big companies or individuals. Look at the opportunities in the fields by thinking outside the box. Law field is evolving, and technology is being incorporated, so you need to spot these opportunities for you to be relevant in your field.

Comprehend your personal goals

Let your choice not be antagonistic with your personal needs. After all these, you will have enough information for you to choose what you like. Do not think that things have gone wrong if your answer changes. It is possible. All you need is the courage to do whatever you love. All the best in making a wise choice.